Our services.

The V3 solution is designed to be responsive to your needs.

We have designed a process that begins with us listening carefully to your goals and objectives, after which we develop a relationship that is so intimate that we can become your trusted representative. We leverage technology where it helps us communicate more efficiently, but we also place huge value on bringing a human touch to our services.

The Life Audit

The first step of the V3 solution is the Life Audit, an in-depth review of your affairs in which we analyse every nuance of your personal holdings, aspirations and objectives.

Using this intimate understanding, we leverage a team of internal experts and trusted partners to devise and implement a strategic wealth plan that is uniquely tailored to your personal circumstances and addresses your holistic needs, not simply individual aspects of your wealth.

The result is a dynamic strategy that fine tunes your future decision making.

This allows us to align your financial arrangements with your goals, whilst smoothing out friction points along the way.

Your Trusted Representative

Having gained a thorough understanding of your affairs via the Life Audit, we are then able to act as your proxy, allowing you to have one single point of contact for all financial matters.

Our product and bank-neutral model removes any potential conflicts of interest. We act as an independent partner and objectively monitor financial arrangements on your behalf.

The Retro Audit

As soon as we have agreed your strategic wealth goals, we carry out a forensic review of your financial history. We investigate any investments that have not been managed according to your mandate, identify unwarranted fees and duplication and, if appropriate, take the necessary steps towards seeking redress.

'Pro-active' investment advisory and monitoring service

We source investments and investment managers on your behalf, leveraging our trusted network to find opportunities perfectly aligned with your risk profile and strategic goals.

We constantly monitor and track every aspect of your wealth portfolio, taking action where necessary to respond to changing investment risk and market movements.

Administrative support

We take care of every aspect of account administration. You concentrate on setting the direction for your wealth whilst we take care of the details.

The Vantage Point

Wealth never stands still and in order for your portfolio to grow and flourish, it must be nurtured. At V3, we act as sentries. We take over the day-to-day responsibility for monitoring your investments, whilst our tools and technology ensure that you have 24/7 access to a consolidated view of your financial position.

The V3 App

All of your financial and non-financial assets are incorporated into one easy to use tool. At the touch of a button you can assess your exposure to different assets, currencies, custodians, portfolios and regions or view our interactive charts, which display real-time summaries of your wealth.

The client portal

Our client portal acts as a secure personal control panel from which you can easily access all of your financial information.

Its information sharing facilities form a virtual dossier, in which to securely access all financial reports, as well as market and portfolio commentaries, whilst its encrypted technology makes it a safe channel to raise and discuss queries.

Your Wider Wealth

As a Private Office, we want to save you unwarranted expense and inconvenience, not just with the management of your investment portfolio, but by applying the same efficiency to your wider affairs.

We offer a suite of services ranging from collectibles advisory to protective partnership solutions, services for the next generation and concierge assistance - all of which are designed to allow you to pursue your passions freely without being distracted by the details.