Reliable financial advice is born from asking the right questions.

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  • Which asset classes do you hold and where are they located?
  • How many bank accounts and advisors do you have?
  • Do you have an active shareholding in any company?
  • Do you have an estate plan in place?
  • Have you found services disappointing previously?
  • Which concerns cause you to lose sleep at night?

The Life Audit

Our process starts with an exhaustive review of your wealth dynamics.
We collect and analyse historical documentation and carry out an in-depth discussion with you about every factor that could affect your wealth.

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  • Do you have regional exposure?
  • How many dependents do you have? Where are they located?
  • How many bank accounts do you have? Where are they located?

This methodology enables us to analyse your risk exposure and wealth management costs and measure the extent to which your investment strategy supports your original financial goals.

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  • What are your goals and aspirations?

We devise a strategic wealth plan to improve efficiencies in the way your assets are managed, as well as bring your wealth management more closely in line with your personal objectives.

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Our detailed knowledge of you means we deliver tangible results on your behalf.

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  • 82The number of due diligence assessments we have carried out with banks on behalf of our clients:
  • 41The number of times we have uncovered and rectified incorrect bank fees being charged to our clients:
  • 670,000The total saving that we have delivered to our clients by reducing their hold mail fees:

Your Trusted Representative

Our understanding of your requirements means we are well placed to carry out challenging paperwork on your behalf. This includes monitoring your banking and investment contracts to ensure fees and services stay true to the obligations you agreed to.

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  • >1 billionThe total wealth under our watch:
  • 275,000The total we have recovered for our clients by monitoring their credit cards for fraudulent transactions:
  • 17,000The number of bank account transactions we have monitored to date:

On an ongoing basis, we carefully monitor every aspect of your financial life on your behalf, to deliver you security, control and oversight. We keep a close eye on your investments, bank accounts and credit cards and can also execute investment orders, wire transfers and loan agreements on your behalf.

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  • 420The proposed strategy changes we have made for clients within the last 30 months:
  • 38The number of suitable private equity opportunities we have sourced for clients:

Our close supervision of both discretionary and non-discretionary portfolios, as well as our intimate understanding of your wealth plan, means we are well-placed to propose switches to your investment strategy when your situation or the market context change.

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  • hoursThe amount of time we have spent delivering guidance on new regulations:

We keep you abreast of any regulatory changes that could affect your compliance in the geographies where you live, work or hold assets. We also undertake fiscal analysis and simulations for clients thinking of emigrating to another country.

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  • 23The number of times we have assisted clients with succession planning:
  • 19The number of times we have supported the set-up of a legal structures for our clients:

Our services do not just address your investment needs but your full wealth requirements. We can support you with estate planning and succession solutions by assisting in the set-up of legal structures, such as companies and trusts, and by sourcing suitable insurance policies.

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Accurate insights provide oversight and enable you to make informed wealth decisions.

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  • 1,073The number of consolidated reports we have provided to clients:
  • 1,935Bespoke market commentaries supplied to clients:

The Vantage Point

We create and deliver consolidated reports that encapsulate your full wealth picture, including fixed and non-fixed assets. We also provide tailored market commentary relevant to your wealth strategy and bespoke portfolio performance analysis.

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Wealth advice that encapsulates your passions

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Wider Wealth

Your security is our priority. Alongside our financial monitoring services, we conduct analysis of public profiles to make sure that no sensitive information about you is available in the public domain, whether that is in the mainstream press or social media.

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  • 612The number of pieces of art we have bought or sold for our clients:
  • 28The number of art houses where we have nominee services in place:
  • 100++The number of times we have organised VIP events, sourced unique items...

We offer specialist services including the advisory and administration of collectibles, as well as concierge services such as unique experiences. The strength of our network also means we are well placed to source education and work experience opportunities for the next generation of our clients.

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It is our daily focus on the minutiae of wealth that makes us so invaluable to our clients. We develop long term relationships by bringing in relevant solutions as and when they are required, delivering a consistent focus on meeting personal objectives securely, transparently and creatively.

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